The tranquility of a rural private estate.
Lincoln Akin Norton has been the design leader of Hartley Farms since its formation in the mid 1980’s. He is currently President of Hartley Farms Partners and Chairman of the Hartley Farms Architectural Review Committee where he is responsible for the overall design and project positioning for Hartley Farms. In his career he has been a successful entrepreneur that has designed a number of products and services and then founded companies to bring them to market in the areas of investment services, succession planning software and internet based corporate education. Mr. Norton currently acts as an architectural consultent and designer representing homeowners as they work with their architects, zoning boards and the other key trades in building or renovating their home. He also consults on community development assisting landowners in the balancing of preservation and the economic development of historic estates. He is a graduate of Harvard College. When not in New Jersey, Mr. Norton divides his time between San Antonio, Texas and Fairfield, Iowa.

Email: Lincoln Akin Norton 973.727.0595 (Cell)

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