The Morris & Essex Dog Show, 1938
On the National Register of Historic Places, HARTLEY FARMS was once the estate of Marcellus Hartley Dodge, Chairman of the Remington Arms Company from the early 20th century until his death in 1963. The property had been purchased in the late 19th century as a summer retreat for Hartley House, a New York settlement house founded by the Hartley family in honor of Marcellus Hartley , the founder of Union Metallic Cartridge Company, which later became Remington Arms, who died in 1902. It became part of the private estate of Mr. Dodge, after his marriage to Geraldine Rockefeller in 1905.

From 1927 to 1957 HARTLEY FARMS was the site of the Morris & Essex Dog Show, the world's largest one-day dog show, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge, a recognized expert on dogs, particularly German Sheperds, and a founder of The Seeing Eye foundation in Morristown.

From 1963 until 1997, when the first of the new houses was built, HARTLEY FARMS was the private estate of Dr. Adrain Platt and his wife, Helen Hartley Platt.

Every effort has been made to preserve the nature and ambience of HARTLEY FARMS as it exsisted over the past century as one of the most distinguished estates in northern New Jersey.

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